someone for everybody else
Mercury beat Pluto? You must be outta your mind
Ah, the great debate. Well, not really, but once it was. You know, who could destroy who? It was fun. "I think Mars is the most powerful! No, Jupiter! No, Sailor Chibimoon!"
*everyone turns to stare* -_-;;
Okay, so most people didn't ever say Chibimoon was. BUT, that's not the point. The point is, this is an opinion page, subsection. If you don't agree, please feel free to email me and let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

Unforgivable sinner Numero Uno: Sailor Saturn. Okay, so destroying the planet might not be such a great idea, but she could do it. Really. The Earth could be toast, and if Chibiusa wasn't around to stop it, or Sailormoon or whomever, that would be it. No more. So, the most powerful? Saturn. Glaives down.

maybe once you were lost Dos: Sailor Pluto. Stopping time is a pretty impressive power. Look at all she could stop. If Sailormoon ever lost her damn mind, Pluto could stop the madness before it had a chance to take control. Or she could stop Saturn. I'm faily confidant that while Pluto is a wee bit hessitant to use her powers [death does kinda suck after all] she can and she will if the need arises. Don't piss this lady off. ^^

cause the loved you shared was true Tres: Sailormoon! Of course, it makes sense. Seeing as she's the only one who has the heart, the power, the authority, to stop the top two lassies, Sailormoon comes in as number three. It doesn't hurt that it's her show and that she's got the most powers, sequences, and all the luck. Nope, doesn't count at all. ^_~ But seriously. Sailormoon is super powerful and can use her power if she's forced to. Yes, I'm saying Sailormoon could, not nessisarily would, but could, kick the others from one end of the galaxy to the other. You know, if she wanted to that is. ^^

hanging by a moment here with you Squeaking in at number four, we have Sailor Uranus. Other than having a funny name [come on, all you juvies, you know you don't pronounce it like Cloverway does], Uranus is also rather blood thirsty at times. If you're slated to die, she will kill you. Oh, she'll regret it, but only after the deed is done and you're pushing up daises. Not a woman you really want to piss off, let me assure you. Sure, she mellows out at times, but she is devoted to her fate, her destiny, her mission. Nothing, and I do mean nothing will come in the way of this blonde and her prize. Which puts her juuuuuust above...

forgeting where I started Number 5. Sailor Neptune. Now, this takes a bit of thought. Wouldn't Mars or maybe Jupiter come a little above this princess? I think not. She's not quite as devoted to her job as Uranus [and really, who is?] but when she has to be a cold hearted biiiatch, she will be. She's not thrilled with it, but Neptune will get the job done with minimal complaint. But because she will have second or maybe even third thoughts, she ranks below her partner, Uranus. Still, don't aggravate this girl, okay?

i know we could win Number six. Sailor Mars. It's a tough slot, it was either Mars or Jupiter, but for a few reasons I've decided that, based on powers, Sailor Mars is more powerful than Jupiter. Part of it is that I kinda think that Mars has cooler attacks, but also she keeps her head in the later part of the series while Jupiter doesn't plot and plan as much as she should. Also, from bits and pieces of things people have said, Mars is considered to be really powerful, not to mention she has the skill/power of premenition. Which is always helpful in figuring out what to do when up against baddies. Oh yeah, when Mars' attacks don't work, no one is more surprised than she.

you and the people that were never friends Of course, at number seven, there's no point in knocking the Oak Evolution. Jupiter is pretty damn powerful on her own, without powers, and with them she can be damn near impossible to beat. She thinks with her heart and is always willing to plunge right into danger. She has a great sense of timing, almost always showing up at just the right moment. But, alas, it's her heart that gets her into trouble. While Mars can put aside her feelings, Jupiter cannot. But hey, this makes her one of the most powerful Inner Senshi. Whoo!

we are finding out what's true 8. You'd think, this being a Venus shrine, that I would consider her one of the most powerful Senshi, thus putting her higher up on the list. Not so. Yes, as an Inner Senshi, she's quite powerful. Really, she is. But it's for her leadership, her experiance, not really for her powers. The chain is pretty darn nifty and can be used in a thousand different ways. Which is wonderful! But her powers aren't as devestating as Pluto or Saturn, as firey and accurate as Mars, or as full of heart as Sailormoon. This isn't to say she's a weakling; she's not. But she's not as powerful as the others. Still, we love her. *hugs for Minako!*

I give my heart and soul to the one Ah, poor Mercury. Always on the bottom of these lists, and why? Not because she's not powerful. She is, but she's a defensive Senshi. Which makes her different from the others and underappreciated, but she's got some pretty attacks. They just lack power, until the end. Luckily, Mercury is a genius so she knows how to use her powers to her advantage. Plus, she's got some really nifty gadgets. ^^

going out of our minds Number 10... Poor Chibimoon. She tries hard, but she's not all that powerful on her own. The others could all kick her from here to the end of eternity. An E for effort. *cuddlies*

Coming soon, really!: The Starlights and Chibichibimoon.